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    Fleron Automation AB



    +46 370 81160

    FA 429 ACS is recommend for cutting soft and semi-rigid materials. The machine has very high precision and capacity. Cutting takes place during continuous feeding of the profile. The machine is in all important parts, including the entire front, manufactured in stainless steel. FA 429 ACS is a high performing rotary cutter in which the knife is driven by a powerful servomotor. No power-losses in transmissions etc. The machine is designed for continuous operation in some cases up to more than 3000 cuts/min and for line-speeds up to 55 m/min as standard. The servo-operation ensures very low maintenance costs as well as a low noise-level. The feeding of profile is done between dual driven high-friction belts. Both belts are driven by same transmission and therefor totally synchronized. The distance between the belts are being set electrically and having a pneumatically sprung lift-control. All settings are easily and logically made in an operators keypad. Quick adjustments of cutting lengths as well as menus for setting, water spraying system, maintenance, production-data, etc., are always easy to find. FA 429 ACS is provided with features such as exchangeable rapid change guide bushings, end product conveyor, dual closed water spraying systems, automatic trimming during feed-in, etc. The machine can be installed directly in an extruder-line in combination with our loop-control or to be used in a separate cutting-line. Prefeeders, decoiling equipment, synchronising equipment and end product conveyors can also be supplied from the Fleron product-range



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